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First things first: while entries on this blog may seem unfair or mean spirited, they are meant as neither. I have been in and around “trans male space” for about seven years, and certain themes and problematic threads have made themselves apparent in their repetition.  Updates will be sporadic.   Currently, I am especially interested in the ways some trans men directly or indirectly harm trans women and thus will explore that thoroughly (or at least I hope I will!) in this blog.

I am open to topic suggestions and collaborations – feel free to comment here.

This aims to be as anti-oppression space as possible, so with that in mind i will be moderating comments at my discretion, should I happen to garner any comments.



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  1. “the ways some trans men directly or indirectly harm trans women” interesting. Ive only explored the opposite. I will keep reading your blog! 😀

  2. Drik–I think that while certainly some individual trans women have directly or indirectly harmed individual trans men, women cannot harm men at the oppression/institutional level. And given that trans men are men, and trans women are women, I am interested in exploring and exposing the roots of transmisogyny in trans male and trans masculine spaces and ideologies.
    That’s a big push of this blog. Unfortunately I am having a bit of writer’s block of late.

  3. what happened to this blog it sounds so promising!

  4. Hey I added you to my blogroll, hope that’s alright 🙂

  5. Gotta say, this is kind of brilliant. I was attempting to write a term paper on the “how trans men can be misogynistic towards trans women” topic, but there just isn’t enough academic material out there that qualifies. And having a space like this even in casual writing is important. I hope you can keep going with this blog. 🙂

  6. I totally want more, must have more! The blog is so conceptually awesome.

  7. *would you be interested:a trans group blog idea w toni d and a group of others(see link for the blog & format) *

    how are you….
    i wanted to ask you about contributing to this new blog.
    we want good writers (with a goal towards a bilerico stle format),
    and the goal is to get as big as them.lol.you
    can contribute as little or much as you want.if you could let toni
    or i know of any interest, it would be great.
    this cafe didn’t fly before, we are going to do a big push now.
    with alot of “publicity”.
    i hope you might be available.
    thanks very much.

    sincerely, javier sandoval
    (and toni d)


    it is going up NEW,
    she owns this space for now.
    and we are going to be putting links all over.
    the goal is a bilerico style site eventually w/tg and gq etc voices
    only, linked up on big web pages for traffic.

    from toni:
    “Pictures, videos (flash and otherwise), files, etc. What it can’t
    do right now I can add. It is a full featured blog”

    if you have interest or questions,you can contact us.
    the goal is to be as political as we want, as controversial as we
    want,and to be completly moderated for NO flaming, degendering,
    etc etc.
    anyone reasonable can comment.but that along with anything
    else is open to discussion, and we will be trying for a great experiance for all contributers,so we want no discomfort for anyone!

    this is toni’s:dyssonance@hotmail.com.

    you can get mine from her,your ideas are what we want i think.

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